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Discover Wellness uses one of the most advanced forms of computerized adjusting, the Ultralign. This NASA-inspired computerized instrument is developed by Sigma Instruments, and is based on technology used in civil and aerospace engineering.  Civil engineers use a similar technology to ensure that bridges can withstand the forces and vibration of traffic and wind; and in aerospace engineering they use similar technology for testing metal fatigue as well as for ensuring the rivets are properly sealing the tiles on space shuttles. Using the Ultra-Align, the chiropractor can very specifically locate and perform an adjustment that feels like gentle tapping.  There is no bending, twisting, or popping sound when being adjusted with the Ultralign.

The way it works is based on frequency.  This may sound confusing at first, but think about when you listen to music on the radio:  You have to “dial in” to the right frequency to be able to listen to the music on the radio station you want to hear.  However, instead of dealing with sound waves, the Ultralign works with mechanical waves or vibration.  Here is another example:  think of a construction worker using a jack-hammer.  It is because of the specific frequency of the vibration of the head of the jack-hammer that enables that machine to chisel its way through concrete.  Another analogy would be how a woodpecker can repeatedly tap its beak to burrow through a tree.  It’s not merely the strength of the object doing the ‘tapping’, but more importantly the frequency, or speed that gets the result.

Well similarly with the Ultralign, it is the speed of the tapping (and the computer ensuring that the adjustment is being delivered at the specific frequency for the level of the spine being adjusted) that ensures the spine gets adjusted well.  And what’s even better is that using the Ultralign a before and after scan is obtained.  The doctor can use these scans to show the patient exactly what was wrong in addition to what changed from the adjustment. In addition to performing adjustments with the Ultralign, the chiropractor can also use this instrument for different protocols depending on what problems the patient has.  For example, there are specific protocols for addressing headaches or sinus congestion.

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