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Chiropractic Products

Below are some chiropractic products that we not only recommend, but also sell in our office.

Is a natural pain relieving gel that has a cooling sensation that helps with decreasing pain and inflammation. Discover Wellness regularly carries the tube and the roll-on size of Biofreeze. If you want a different size or more information, call Discover Wellness at 843. 650. 0247

A company that offers a wide variety of easy to make foods that does not contain preservatives, food dyes, or MSG. Many of their products are USDA organic and gluten free. Our office uses these products at most of our in office events. If you would like more information or to taste these great tasting products, attend one of our events or call Dr. Brooke Pond at 843. 650. 0247 or go to

A company that offers a variety of products to help you achieve and maintain your weight goals including a full body cleanse for natural detoxification. For more information visit or call Dr. Brooke Pond at 843. 650. 0247

A non-toxic way to clean your house or yourself. For more information visit or call Dr. Brooke Pond at 843. 650. 0247

A Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil company. These oils can be used along with your massage treatments. They have also been used in the homemade coconut oil based sugar scrubs made by Dr. Brooke Pond. DoTerra oils can be purchased at Discover Wellness as well.


Is a line of makeup products including their very popular 3D mascara!  Amazing quality and amazing results.


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