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Testimonials From Our Massage & Chiropractic Patients

We can talk about how great we are all day, but it would be more beneficial for you to hear it from our massage therapy and chiropractic patients themselves! Below are some testimonials from just a few of our patients:

“As a first time mom, I was nervous to trust the care of my newborn to anyone other than his Pediatrician, but when my son started experiencing serious digestive issues at 3 months old, I had to look for a more holistic approach. Dr. Brooke used gentle massage and the Pro-Adjuster to relieve my son’s discomfort. Within 2 hours of visiting her office, his issues were resolved. He was digesting normally and returned to his “regular” happy, healthy self.

I have trusted Drs. Brooke and Josh Pond with a myriad of health issues from sinusitis to tendonitis/carpal tunnel, as well as enjoyed many of their total wellness treatments like massage and anti-aging skin applications. Each time I enter their office, I know I will be treated with compassion and professionalism. More importantly, I know that I will exit as a happier, healthier, less painful version of myself.”
Lynn Diehl


“I need to thank Dr. Brooke and Dr. Josh, I was thinking I need to retire as the pain in my hip was getting to the point that walking and standing hurt a lot. I am not ready to retire so at age 62 and after hearing about the “Maggie Machine,” I thought I would give it a try. The day of my first session nothing felt any  different, they told me it would take some time. After a few hours I got up out of my chair and it didn’t hurt. I sat back down to try it it again, no pain. I have been back and will continue to go back as long as they will let me. It is amazing, I do not care how it works I just know it works for me. Thanks for keeping me working.”
Terry Heyne


“Brooke and Josh are two of the most awesome people to work with!  They work closely with our team, The Myrtle Beach Pelicans, High A Affiliate of the Texas Rangers, and our trainers to keep our players on the field.  Their Maggie machine can work wonders on virtually any ailment, and I continue to refer people to them because of their gentle approach to chiropractic care.  They can work on individuals as young as a few days old all the way up to seniors.  Not only do they work miracles through their chiropractic services, they are also well versed in natural healing AND massage.

I would definitely vouch for all of their services, and I know if a professional baseball team stands by them, I am surely on board as well!”
Katelyn Guild


“I have had chronic back pain from years of abuse as a UPS driver. I met Dr. Pond through my BNI group and heard about the Maggie machine that suppose to help with inflammation and pain. I felt a difference in my lower back after the first visit. I am a regular now. If you have a nagging pain that does not want to go away. Go see the Maggie Machine at Dr. Pond’s office. Have a great pain free day.”
–  Kevin McDowell

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