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Chiropractic Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some chiropractic frequently asked questions and answers. If you question isn’t answer below, please contact Discover Wellness here.

Do you take insurance?
Yes, we take several insurances at Discover Wellness. Each insurance is different in what they cover and allow. We will call your insurance for you and let you know what is covered.

Are you accepting new patients?
Yes, we are accepting new patients with each treatment we offer. We do prefer that you call ahead to schedule so you do not have to wait. This allows us to take care of each person to the fullest.

Does getting adjusted hurt?
Our primary method of adjusting is a computerized instrument known as the Ultra-Align. It gently taps the spine into alignment without pain or discomfort. We have adjusted patients from as young as 36 hrs old to 96 yrs old. Please see the chiropractic tab for more information regarding this style of adjusting.

How often will I need to get worked on?
Each patient is different and depending on the service(s) you are receiving will make a difference. We customize each service to the person we are working on and will give recommendations. It is always up to the patient to choose to follow the recommendations given.

Do I have to get chiropractic care at your office to get a massage or other services?
Even though most of our patients do get both services in the office, you can schedule for any of the services we offer separate from each other. Most insurances that cover massage need to be under a doctor’s treatment plan.

What do I do if I have to cancel my appointment?
Please try and give at least a 24hr notice when canceling any appointment, especially new patient, massage, or skin care appointments as these are larger blocked out times in our schedule and can be open so someone else can get the treatment. The office has the right to charge someone for a missed appointment not canceled 24 hrs prior. Please remember you may leave a message on our voicemail if it’s after hours or over the weekend, because we do check these even when we are not there. We understand emergencies come up.

Are tips allowed?
Tips are not required, but allowed for great service. If you have to leave a tip on your credit card, please tell the person before the card is run as we do not have a tip line on our receipts. The most common services that tips are left for are massages, body wraps, spa services, or skin care services.

What do I wear when getting a massage?
We tell each patient to undress to their comfort level, but realize the more clothing that is in the way the more difficult it will be for the therapist to reach and relax your muscles. Most patients leave on their panties/boxers and remove their bras or wear nothing. Remember that your massage therapist will have you sheeted at all times.

Do you have gift cards/certificates?
Yes we have customized gifts for all of your needs. Just ask someone at the front desk to help you.

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